Rebecca Masinter

Special Discount! Parenting As Partners

Join Rebecca and Max Masinter as they share what they have learned over twenty years of parenting together. This will be a fun and relaxed evening for couples to gain skills and techniques that have helped us and can help you work together to support each other and parent as a team. 


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Bonus opportunity! Submit a question  with your registration and hear Rebecca and Max's answers in the workshop. 

  • How to use your different perspectives and histories as an advantage instead of a source of tension
  • How to parent as partners even when you disagree
  • How to back each other up and give support when your spouse is struggling
  • How to resolve differences of opinion about your children
  • How to strengthen your relationship through parenting together
  • How to help your children build relationships with both of you
  • How to use your teamwork to build family unity
  • Get the Masinters' answers to your questions!

Come alone or with your spouse. Only one registration necessary per couple. 

Have a scheduling conflict at that time? 

Register, submit your questions and look for their answers in the video later! Video recording will be sent to all registrants.

Use coupon code TORASIMECHA for 15% off your registration!