Rebecca Masinter

Introducing Mother's Guidance

I am thrilled to announce the opening of my new website While I will continue to post Torah thoughts on Toras Imecha, Mother's Guidance will be the home of practical parenting tools and inspirational wisdom for a general audience.


I am offering a free e-book download on the homepage of Mother's Guidance, which I would love to give to all of you. It is titled, Getting to Know Your Child: Understanding Temperament and offers great insights and suggestions for parents. I hope you will get your copy soon!


I am also offering Toras Imecha mothers a discount on one or both of the introductory webinars on Mother's Guidance. Use the code "TorasImecha" for 20% off your webinar registration for the webinars "Parenting So Your Children Will Listen" and/or "Thriving with Teenagers"!


I can't wait to see you there!