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What do you do to facilitate deeper relationships between your children and their grandparents/extended family?


Rebecca Masinter

I learned an incredible idea from Chana Jenny Weisberg, (, which she has been doing for years with her parents. I am sharing this with you, for an aliyat neshama for Gila bat Yaakov, Chana Jenny’s mom. The technique is simply to have a set time every week for an (out of town) grandparent Zoom call. We have been doing it for almost two months and I have seen rewards far greater than I expected. Although my children spoke to their out of town grandparents before this, having a set time on all of our calendars that we sit down and Zoom together has enriched all their other conversations and brought their relationship to a new level. I have noticed that both my children and their grandparents save interesting objects and stories to show and tell each other during our weekly Zoom call that would most likely not have been shared otherwise.



We FaceTime with our grandson at least once a week. He is 11 months old. Both my husband and I have a special song we each sing to him.

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