While Toras Imecha recordings are focused on the weekly Parshah and upcoming holidays, this “Conversation” page gives us a chance to share and connect with each other over different aspects of our mothering journey. I plan to post discussion questions regularly for your participation. I invite you to please share your perspective and experience with all of us. I can't wait to learn from you!

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How do you balance your marriage, personal life, work responsibilities, household chores, and mothering?


Rebecca Masinter

Isn’t this the million dollar question??? For me, I don’t try to attain balance between all the competing demands on me at any one time. I do try to make sure that over a given time, (usually a week), I am giving my full presence to each of my roles and responsibilities. That means that sometimes I am fully present with my children, other times I shut myself in the office and do work. One night a week I focus fully on my relationship with my husband, and one night a week I try to go to bed really early for myself! I think that as long as I know what my important roles are, (and which ones are unimportant and I just have to let them go most weeks!), I end up with a mostly balanced life. No day feels completely balanced to me, but most weeks I look back and feel that I gave attention to each role some of the time. What about you?

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